Contact Information Since its founding in1994, Sun Media has been at the forefront in the acquisition and distribution of educational, informational, and topical programming. All of programs have been delivered to the more than 40,000,000 people living within the Republic of Korea by the most appropriate mode of distribution and media format (Video, VCD, DVD, Television, Cable and Satellite channel).

We have been providing over 500 hours annually to major Terrestrial, Cable and Satellite channels such as high quality documentary, wildlife, light Entertainment, lifestyle, travel.

With Strong emphasis placed upon the dissemination of children's educational programming the company has forged effective door-to-door distribution alliances with Korea's largest newspaper and book publishing companies. This serves to provide for the most effective form of consumer targeted distribution possible. In addition, advertising and publicity efforts are greatly optimized through the implementation of these strategic partnerships.

Another vital aspect of Sun Media's Korea -wide marketing and distribution capabilities are the highly selective processes of promotional or premium video sales. Whereas the company normally acquires and distributes in series format, premium and promotional sales seem to work best with a single title.

In 2000, Sun Media opened its online shopping mall and has been providing various kids videos. We anticipate sales generated by the web to increase continuously.

Operavox (multiple format animated opera) produced by BBC in cooperation with S4C, Komi & Hardy's Music Journey(a classical music 3D animation for preschoolers) from NHK, English Playground(An English language tutorial for children) and Animated Tales Of The World (fairy tales of the world) are but a few examples of programming licensed by Sun Media. As a company we are extremely proud of our ability to not only select the right product for the Korean marketplace, but also to adapt it in a respectful and appropriate way for the better understanding of the Korean populace regardless of age or grade level. It is our intention to be every bit as passionate about a program or programs as is the original producer or licensor, and to bring the same passion to the table throughout the entire marketing and distribution process.